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Jain – The Fool

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“The fool, this tightrope walker who walks towards his future. With each of his steps, there is a risk and then the balance”

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Production : Wanda/Mynd productions
Director : Jules Jolly
Producer : China Presles
Line producer : Alliocha Madeuf
Production coordinator : Agnès Boulard
Location Manager : Romain Byache
Location Manager Assistant : Léo Audoin
Location Manager Assistant : Anthony Anin
Location manager set : Yohann Dumont
1st Assistant director : Driss Lumbroso
2nd Assistant director : Saad Jalal
DOP : Julien Lascar
1st AC Cam : Olivier Greco
2nd AC Cam : Aymeric Beaun
QTAKE : Axel Leluyer
Stunt Coordinator : Alexandre Cauderlier
Stunt assistant : Patrick Cauderlier
Stunt Assistant : Maël Lamberton
Double : Marjolaine Clough
Gaffer : Clément Boyeldieu
Electrician #1 : Gabriel Beaumelou
Electrician #2 : Alexis Bonnet
Electrician #3 : Laura Perrotto
Electrician #4 : Arnaud Lefebvre
Key Grip : Jean Chesneau
Grip #1 : Laurent Dray
Grip #2 : Maxime Toublant
Grip #3 : Victor Fournier
Crane Operator : Guillaume Renoir
Set designer : Nicolas Plinio
Set designer : Clara de Gobert
1st set designer assistant : Charles Grazilhon
2nd set designer assistant : Paul Parmentier
3rd set designer assistant : Mia Khazen
Stylist : Maud Dupuy
Make-up artist : Claire Laugeois
Post-Producer : Julien Lanard
Colorist : Vincent Amor
VFX Supervisor : Julien Audicina
Matte Painter : Jean Charles Minivielle
Editor : Vincent Fleischmann
Editor assistant : Maëlle Masson
VFX : Mickael Lauret
VFX : Antoine Richy
VFX : Martin Bouffanges
VFX : Vincent Gay Del Santo
VFX : Maëlle Masson
Flame Artist : Wilton Poirot
Sound Deign & mix : Jean Baptiste Saint – Pol


Walking on a wire
From Earth to Venus ground
Playing with my balance
Iʼm not afraid to fall

A rose grows in outer space
I should have known better
The rain of firey rocks
The sun lights up the dark

Iʼm dancing
On the moon
The moon
Iʼm floating like a fool
A fool

Walking on a wire
I donʼt care whoʼ s around
Fairy flying footsteps
Each ones a new surprise

Spinning colored circles
Thereʼs no up or down
Singing in the silence
To my morning star

Iʼm dancing
on the moon
The moon
Iʼm floating like a fool
A fool

A new universe
We never knew

Walking a little higher
On my fingers Saturnʼs rings
Echoes have no answers
So I wonʼt ask anything

Who cares where we will go
As long as we go together
Tightrope tied to your heart
Across the universe

#Jain #TheFool


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